shipping container conversion

World Container for Sale Over the years we've converted 100's of containers for our clients, although most conversions are relatively simple for us we can also complete bespoke projects from drawings.
We're interested in all shipping container conversion and container modification jobs, so if you need something a bit different please contact us.
Shipping Container Conversions
Over the years we have taken so many standard ISO shipping containers - and done amazing things with them. Here are just some of our recent conversions.
If you would like a custom quote for your bespoke shipping container conversion job - get in touch with us!
Some shipping container modifications can be very simple, such as adding a window or side access door, some more complex such as installing electrics or insulation, no matter what your requirements contact us - we'd love to help create your ideal container conversion.
20ft High Cube Bespoke Exhibition Conversion
We were approached from a local company needing a shipping container converted into an exhibition stand that would be used throughout the North East at public events. 
Repeat Order - 20ft Workshop / Storage Container
A repeat shipping container conversion, the client was expanding and needed another workshop / storage unit and came back to us because of the service we gave the first time they ordered, the container matched the previous two conversions. 
20ft shipping container converted into a workshop with electrics
Our client saw on our website a previous workshop conversion that we did in 2016 and wanted the same modifications that we did; on their workshop shipping container, including internal electrics and secure equipment storage. 
20ft container converted into 50-50 COSHH store / Rigging Storage
We were approached from a local company to our head office in Sedgefield, who were exploring the option of a shipping container converted into a COSH store and storage store to be used in the North of Scotland at their depot. 
20ft Converted with glazed windows and doors with internal electrics
We were approached from a client looking at using shipping containers at their site as office space. The shipping containers were converted to have large glazed windows and doors fitted along the side wall of the container with internal modifications. 
10ft shipping container converted into a generator store
We were approached from a company wanting to use a small 10ft shipping container as a generator store, after speaking to the client and showing previous generator stores we have converted, they choose a previous conversion to follow the same modifications. 
Bespoke Workshop Container Conversion
We were approached by an engineering company looking for a bespoke workshop container built to their specs. The container conversion customer requested a bespoke paint job externally, and bespoke internal modifications to allow the container to be used as a workshop at their site. 
Workshop with Internal Locker Storage
The company that approached us for a standard 20ft container conversion, they also wanted a workshop with secure storage facilities for equipment and tools and a workshop area where repairs/modification work could be completed at their site. 
Off-Shore Workshop Container Conversion
Off-Shore workshop shipping container conversion; converted from a standard 20ft shipping container. Modifications included internal ply-lining, custom workshop fixtures, with 3 tier shelving. Once complete the Workshop was shipped to their off-shore base 
10ft Container Converted for Mobile Catering
Shipping Container Conversion for Catering  Shipping Container Conversion for Catering
Converting your standard 10ft new 'one trip' shipping container into a mobile catering unit converted internally and externally. The client was wanting to target a new market area and this needed to fit the company image and the audience they were targeting. 
2 x 40ft High Cubes Containers Converted for Multi-Rig Fire Training Units
Fire Training Unit Shipping Container Conversion  Fire Training Unit Shipping Container Conversion
Our client had initially approached us having been impressed at seeing a similar fire training container conversion we had previously carried out. They wanted similar modifications but with 2no. 40ft shipping container stacked on top of each other. 
20ft Shipping Container Converted with double doors on both sides
We were approached from a Construction company needing a 20ft shipping container converted to have double door access on both side panels of the container, also they needed shelving to house tools at the rear of the container. 
20ft Workshop / Storage Containers For Petrochemical Company
20ft Bespoke Shipping Container Conversion  Shipping Container Workshop Conversion
A Petrochemical Company based in the North East approached us needing a 20ft shipping container conversion that needed to follow the specification for a workshop that had individual secure storage cages and 3 tier shelving for tools. 
20ft Container Conversion w/ Shelving & Personnel Doors for Stores
Container Conversion-inbuilt Shelving  Container Conversion-inbuilt Shelving
A high order of 7no. 20ft shipping container conversions all modified the same to side by side on-site. Each container conversion had heavy duty shelving fitted along the two sides and 2 no. personnel doors fitted for staff to gain access. 
Production Line Maintenance Facility & Welding Booth for a Bottling Plant
Production Line Inline Maintenance Facility with Welding Booth for a Bottling Plant  Production Line Inline Maintenance Facility with Welding Booth for a Bottling Plant
A large company based in Scotland contacted us for a bespoke shipping container manufactured to their specifications for an in-line maintenance conversion that was delivered on-site within 4 weeks of order confirmation. 
Bespoke 45ft High Cube Tunnel Container
A bespoke 45ft high cube tunnel shipping container that was built from a 40ft with 5ft added to the rear of the container. This container modification involved removing 1 set of the double doors, extending the container by welding in an extra 5ft section, and re-attaching the end/door section. 
10ft Container Converted to Generator Store
Shipping Container Conversion to House a Generator  Shipping Container Conversion to House a Generator
A bespoke 10ft x 8ft x8ft 6" new build shipping container converted into a generator store that was manufactured to the clients specification finished in the clients colours and able to be mobile to be moved to multiple sites throughout the UK. 
Small Office Conversion for Car Dealership Sales Office
We were approached by a UK car dealership about a small office conversion that will be used as a temporary sales office. A larger shipping container was cut down, the double doors were replaced with an end panel - and a personnel door was installed. 
20ft Container Office Conversion
Bespoke 20ft Container Office Conversion   Bespoke 20ft Container Office Conversion 
This type of shipping container conversion is one of the most popular office conversions from a standard 20ft shipping container we get asked for from clients. This conversion we give a lead time of 3-4 weeks from confirmation of order. 
2no 16ft Shipping Container Conversions
Interior Design 2no 16ft Container conversion  Interior Design 2no. 16ft Container conversion
We were approached from an Interior Design Company that was looking at using shipping containers as a way to exhibit their interiors at different locations. 2no. 20ft shipping containers were cut down to 16ft and modified to their specification, the client fitted out the containers 
20ft Container Converted into 10ft for Display Purposes
A very strange shipping container conversion but we will build to your specification. The client wanted a 20ft shipping container modified to show a 10ft shipping container, this was to hide unsightly goods behind the false 20ft container wall. 
20ft New Shipping Container Converted to be Fitted with a Generator
We were approached from a local client needing a 20ft shipping container converted into a generator store. The container was lined internal and had external modifications fitted to house the generator the client fitted at the rear of the shipping container. 
Reduced Width - Purpose Built 16ft x 7ft Shipping Container
Our client had specification requirements that we needed to follow for this shipping container conversion as the client had limited space. It was purpose built to 16ft in length and 7ft in width, with internal modifications fitted 
40ft Biomass Shipping Container Conversion
40ft container conversion  40ft container conversion 
Our client contacted us after speaking with us at a trade exhibition we exhibited at. They needed a Biomass shipping container, after discussing with the client we went with a 40ft high cube new full side access shipping container fitted with increased vents for ventilation. 
20ft New Shipping Container Converted into a Workshop / Internal Electrics
A 20ft shipping container converted into an on-site workshop for the client, a personnel door was fitted to allow staff to gain access. The container was modified internally with internal electrics and a workbench and under workbench storage. 
Container Converted for Public Event - LUMIERE 2015
Lumiere 2015 Shipping Container Conversion  Lumiere 2015 Shipping Container Conversion
UK's premier Public Light Festival - Lumiere in-partnership with Durham Sixth Form contacted us regarding using 9no. new 'one trip' shipping containers as part of an art installation, that was seen by 150,000 visitors to the event. 
20ft Container Fitted with Lifting Beam for Offshore Use
20ft Shipping Container for Offshore Use  20ft Shipping Container for Offshore Use
We got contacted by one of our regular clients to manufacture a shipping container conversion to their specification to be used off-shore on their rig. The container needed to be fitted with a lifting beam to lift up to a tonne in weight. 
20ft & 40ft Containers Converted into Fire Training Units
Fire Training Unit Shipping Container Conversion  Fire Training Unit Shipping Container Conversion
Our client based in Warrington offer safety training courses, and were looking at the concept of using shipping containers converted into a training unit for the fire service that offers training in a confined space, manufactured from a 20ft and 40ft shipping containers 
Bespoke Shipping Container Conversion
This conversion was manufactured from a standard 20ft shipping container, that was converted to a storage container fitted with 2no. personnel doors for staff to gain access with internal shelving added, finished in pink to the clients specification. 
Flat Pack Office Shipping Container Conversion
Our sister company U Hold The Key Self-Storage were needing an office for their new 5.2 acre site located located on the A66 just before Sadberge and is around 5 miles from Darlington. The office was a 20ft flat pack shipping container built on site. 
20ft Container Converted into a Control Room
Control Room Shipping Container Conversion  Control Room Shipping Container Conversion
Our client was looking for a control room manufactured from a standard 20ft shipping container to be used at their Weighbridge site in South Wales, the conversion consisted of internal and external modifications. The client wanted it to not feel like a container from the inside. 
40ft Shipping Container Converted into Switch-Room
40ft Shipping Container Converted into a Switchroom  Switchroom Shipping Container Conversion
Using a 40ft new 'one trip' shipping container we converted it into a switchroom for our client, with internal and external modification the shipping container conversion was delivered to Oxfordshire approx. 4-5 weeks from confirmation of order. 
20ft Forensic Investigation Unit
Our client who worked for a forensic company was exploring the option of a shipping container, after speaking with the team we created a 20ft container split internally for storage and everyday use. There was external and internal modifications done for this conversion. 
10ft Bespoke Chemical Store / Container
10ft Chemical Store Container Conversion  10ft Chemical Store Container Conversion
Using a standard 10ft shipping container we converted it into a chemical store for a farmer in North Yorkshire, the container had internal and external modifications to circulate air throughout the container and the chemicals 
20ft Shipping Container converted into onsite Office
Our client was wanting a basic office fit out, from a shipping container. Using a standard 20ft container we fitted a personnel door, secure shutter protected window and internally ply lined to make it feel like you are not in a shipping container. 
40ft with apertures and internal flooring removed
The client that we worked with for this conversion with internal and external modifications, they were working with tight measurements and the floor of the 40ft high cube shipping container was removed to increase the internal height to fit their equipment in. 
20ft High Cube Shipping container converted into a Cabin
A simple shipping container office conversion from a 20ft high cube container, the client waned to fit out the office themselves we welded in place the personnel door and internally ply lined working from the clients specifications. 
20ft Container Converted for Workshop
Container Conversion 20ft Workshop  Container Conversion 20ft Workshop
The client was looking at a simple conversion for a small personal workshop converted from a new 'one trip' 20ft shipping container, that needed space for storage cages to be loaded and unloaded onto the container finished in red to match the clients specification. 
40ft with bespoke hosepipe racking
The client sent through a specification to follow, we manufactured a standard 40ft shipping container into a bespoke conversion with internal modifications along both lengths of the 40ft shipping container having hosepipe racking attached 
Lifeguard Lookout Station Across Beachfront Location
Life Guard Lookout Shipping Container Conversion  Life Guard Lookout Shipping Container Conversion
We were approached from Hartlepool Borough Council who were exploring the option of using shipping containers. They were looking to convert 2no. 20ft shipping containers to use on Seaton Carew beachfront as a life guard look out station. 
Bespoke Purpose Built 24ft Half Height Offshore Container
Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container  Bespoke 24ft Half Height Offshore Container
We were approached from a large Belgium offshore company, they were looking to solve a problem of storage for a large piece of equipment, so they were looking for something different. We manufactured a bespoke 24ft half height shipping container to solve this problem. 
Modular Flat-Pack Office Units
We offer whats called a 'Flat Pack' office shipping container that is assembled onsite, the flat pack office container is modular and can be expanded by merging more flat pack containers together, thanks to its modular design. (Electric wires included) 
Shipping Containers converted to include electrics
Most Common Conversion - A compilation of jobs that have included some form of electrics inside the shipping container conversion, if you are looking to convert a shipping container to include electrics we have examples of previous work we have done in this area. 
Vents-Shipping Container Conversion
Most Common Conversion - Vents in a container aid in ventilation and we have done a lot of jobs that needed vents from 1 to many vents we have done them all. The larger vents are used when more ventilation is needed (generator stores, fuel tank stores) 
Shipping container converted with Personnel doors and Fitted Windows
Most Common Conversion - A Breakdown of jobs that have been converted to have Personnel Doors and Windows Fitted. We will discuss the features of each product and the security behind them, and how we fit them to the shipping container. 
Internal Shelving Container Conversions
Most Common Conversion - Internal shelving incorporated into a shipping container are primarily used for storage for tools office equipment and archive storage. They can be wood shelving or metal shelving that can be manufactured to your desired size. 
Internal Caged equipment storage Shipping Container Conversions
Most Common Conversion - We get asked on a lot of our conversions from clients regarding internal caged storage. They are an ideal solution to secure equipment in individual lockable cages in the shipping container conversion. 
Internal Walls in Shipping Container Conversions
Most Common Conversion - A compilation of previous conversions that have internal walls and partition walls, we will discuss the conversions that have this modification and why people choose them and the benefits for having them. 
Reduced Width Shipping Container Conversion
Reduced Width Shipping Container Conversion
For the special cases where you might not have enough space for a standard shipping container we can reduce the width of a shipping container to fit into tight areas. The container has a section removed and is welded back together and creates a reduced width shipping container. 
Shipping Container Conversion Fitted as an Off-Shore Cable Splicing Cabin
Shipping Container Conversion Fitted as an Off-Shore Cable Splicing Cabin  
We were approached by a client needing a solve a problem after discussing with our fabrication team and sales department we came up with a shipping container converted into an off-shore cable splicing unit. It needed to allow the cable to enter and leave the container. 
Shipping Container Conversion with a Workbench Fitted
Most Common Conversion - If you are looking at using a shipping container as a workshop we can fit the container out with a workbench to your specification to be used as a work station. We have done a high volume of conversions fitted with work benches. 
Shipping Container Conversion with a Chemical Toilet
Shipping Container Conversion with a Chemical Toilet

Shipping Container Conversion with Disabled Toilet Fittings
Shipping Container Conversion with Disabled Toilet Fittings

Shipping Container Conversion with a Sink Unit and Water Heater
Shipping Container conversion with water heater and sink  water heater and sink
We can plumb and fit a sink unit with a an over-sink electric water heater 
Shipping Container Control Room Conversion
Shipping Container Control Room Conversion  Shipping Container Control Room Conversion
The client was needing a shipping container converted into a control room with internal and external modifications fitted the conversion needed to accommodate employees and allow them to see in front of them clearly with enough windows. You could use these conversions for off-shore use 
Shipping Container Conversion with window fitted
Shipping Container Conversion with window fitted  Shipping Container Conversion with window fitted
20ft Standard Shipping Container conversion with window installation. 
DNV Certificated Containers
DNV Ceritficated Containers
ISO shipping container conversions to DNV requirements by fitting pad-eyes and having the pad-eyes MRI and load tested to required Safe Working Loads. 
Shipping Container Conversion with DNV Pad-Eyes
Shipping Container Conversion with NDV Pad-Eyes

Generator Store Conversion
Shipping containers are commonly used as generator stores, this 10ft container was converted to house a generator the client supplied, there was internal and external modifications that took place to match the clients specification. 
Shipping Container Conversion with Secure Steel Shuttered Window
Shipping Container Conversion with Secure Steel Shuttered Window

Hatches and Openings
Hatches and Openings
Most Common Conversion - When if comes to conversions a simple but effective modification is hatches and opening, we have done various shipping container conversions with hatches and openings for lots of different clients for different uses. 
Container Fitted Out as an Equipment Store
Container Fitted Out as an Equipment Store

Shipping Container Fitted with equipment Hooks
Shipping Container Conversion Fitted with equipment Hooks

Fuel Tank Conversion
  Fuel Tank Conversion
Our client approached us needing additional security surrounding a fuel tank that they had on site. We worked with the client and modified a 10ft shipping container so the fuel tank was ventilated and staff could gain access to the tank. 
A Shipping Container with Internal Partition and Office Walls
A Shipping Container with Internal Partition and Office Walls
Shipping containers can be internally modified to have a partition wall fitted, this modification allows the shipping container to be split, this can be to create 2 or more stores from a single container or to separate an office conversion. It can create a new space from an inclusion of a partition wall 
Locker Room Conversion
Locker Room Conversion  
We were approached from a school needing a secure alternative to storage but they needed to allow access throughout the day for pupils to get their equipment out. We supplied a shipping container fitted with secure individual lockers inside the shipping container. 
Shipping Container Conversion with an Internal Heater
Shipping Container Conversion with an Internal Heater
A modification that we get asked for in a lot of our shipping container conversion is fitting of an electric heater. The inclusion of an electric heater is a perfect addition into a any shipping container conversion. Speak to our team about fitting an electric heater in your conversion. 
Shipping Container Conversion Fitted with Wood Document Archive Shelving
Shipping Container Conversion Fitted with Wood Document Archive Shelving

Shipping Container Conversion with Internal Electrics
Shipping Container Conversion with Internal Electrics
Shipping containers can be converted to include internal electrics. internal electrics can be internal lightning, 3 pin power supplies, electric heaters and much more. Shipping containers modified to include electrics are ideal for people looking for a conversion like a workshop, offices and more. 
Shipping Container Fitted with a Caged Equipment Store
Shipping Container Fitted with a Caged Equipment Store

Shipping Container Conversion Fitted with a Personnel Side Access Door
Shipping Container Conversion Fitted with a Personnel Side Access Door  Shipping Container Conversion Fitted with a Personnel Side Access Door
A simple but effective modification to a standard 20ft shipping container, allows staff to gain access to the container through the personnel door rather than using the double door access. The personnel door was fitted where the client needed to gain access. 
Conversion with Internal Electrical Installation
Conversion with Internal Electrical Installation

20ft High Cube shipping container internally lined



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