Why you should buy from us?
Quality comes first
All of our used containers have been thoroughly inspected, repaired if necessary, and certified by us to be fully secure, lockable, weatherproof and vermin proof. 
Our certified used containers are expected to last many years with most requiring only minimal ongoing maintenance.

Since 2003 World Moving & Storage Containers. has specialized in the sale of shipping and storage containers to individuals and businesses. Our “on-site” shipping containers, storage containers and trailers come directly from international and intermodal shipping service or new directly from the manufacturer. Our containers are secure, provide ground level entry and are available in 20ft, 40ft, 48ft and 53ft sizes.

Containers can be modified to meet your specifications by one of our skilled shop personnel. Containers are available throughout the United States. Request a free quote today.
At World Moving & Storage Containers, our second hand containers are available in a number of grades that allow you to select the most economically priced container for your specific needs. 
You may want to choose a lower grade container for simple static storage or a higher grade that is better suited for active transport. 
We can discuss all the options with you to make sure you purchase the best used container for your intended use.
 We Source Containers from Intermodal Companies
After your order is placed, you'll receive a confirmation email. You then get the next container off the stack that meets your criteria. Color cannot be selected, except where specified. 
Shipping containers are sourced directly from intermodal circulation, so they're guaranteed not to leak.
Built to last
All of our used containers were originally constructed (or refurbished at our facility) to meet ISO standards using high-grade materials that include:

Steel Frame
Timber Flooring
Double Doors (opens 270 degrees)
Corrugated Steel
Our Goal 
Our goal is to understand your needs and supply you with the most affordable container which you are looking for.  
We have many years of experience in sourcing containers from all sorts of contacts and at the same time delivering just what our customers want.  
We aim to have a great customer service and respond quickly to any inquiries.


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